Something You Should Never Tell God


So to those who haven’t been keeping up with my blog, this summer I am working at a Church camp.

This is my second year, working at this camp, and so far it has gone really well. I think I’ve grown a lot since last year.

Last year I came to camp with ideas of how to be a great camp counselor, and by the beginning of the second week, I realized that I definitely knew nothing about being a camp counselor.

So this year, I still know nothing, but that’s ok, because God knows everything.

Last summer I told God I would do anything EXCEPT work with junior campers (4th-6th graders)

That is something you should never tell God, telling God you will do anything EXCEPT something is really dangerous, but it is sometimes what you need.

God really has a sense of humor I guess. I got junior campers one week last summer, and that week was the week I learned the most.

SO this summer I am done telling God I’ll never. God knows what he’s doing through this summer and through my life, so no matter what happens at camp, or after camp, God’s got it.

Next week I get a group of middle school girls. . .so I could definitely use prayer. . .haha. I only have one week I get to minister to these girls, and I definitely don’t want to waste a minute.


Get (un) Comfortable

So I have been at camp doing staff training for about a week and a half.

This is my second year so I kind of know what to expect.

Until last night. . .they made an announcement at supper that all of the camp counselors would GET to hammock outside for the night.

This was something I have never done and never wanted to do. . .

Last night I set up the hammock with help and tried to sit in it. It immediately started tipping. My first response was “I’m going to die”. . .

But after falling out a few times and dropping my blankets, I wrapped myself safely up in the hammock like a burrito. . .

That was the scariest night ever. . .like what if there were raccoons, or snakes or. . .bigfoot. . .

But in all reality, it was good. It was good to just not hear anything but God.

When you were laying in the hammock you couldn’t see what was around you unless you sat up. All you could see was the stars. . .and it was pretty great.

I think sometimes we focus on the “scary” things in life when all reality we should keep our focus on God the creator of all things.

Sometimes God calls us out of our comfort zone to show us his power.

So this week I challenge you to get uncomfortable and see God’s power.

This is it

Well this is it folks. In about an hour, I’ll be on the road headed to camp. 🙂

Like last summer I will be out of cell service and only have wifi in certain places. So once again I will be only posting once a week whenever possible.

So this is it. I’m off to my great adventure. I’d appreciate prayers for a safe trip, and for our ministry this summer. God bless.

Writing Something Worth Reading


So I found something really random. . .I was looking through old stuff I wrote in high school, and I found a full book plan that I never wrote.

It is organized by chapters and each character has a description with their name. . .that is way more organized than I organize my book plans now haha.

Well I don’t remember if I started this book and just never finished it, or what, but I do know one thing, I have a whole plan in front of me, (and outlining is half the work haha)

So maybe if I get some time this summer I will write this book I never wrote. 🙂


If at First. . .


Ok so I think everyone has heard that saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” but did you know that saying was written by a teacher? According to, this saying is traced back to Thomas H. Plamer’s book Teacher Manual. He used this saying to encourage students not to give up and do their homework.

I am no longer a student, (You know unless graduate school slaps me in the face ahhhh) But I think this is an important lesson anyone can learn.

There are things I have completely failed, and gave up on. . .and there are things that I have completely failed and kept trying.

Now I am done with school, and there are so many things i have to keep trying. Like I have to keep writing to get better, I have to keep practicing my Spanish. . .so many things that seem easy enough just to give up on, but there is literally a whole world of possibilities for people that don’t give up.

So if at first you don’t succeed. . .find someone else to do it for you. . .Jk. . .try try try try again.

So Will I

pexels-photo (1)

If the stars were made to worship so will I.

In 5 days, I will be back at camp. 🙂 This summer I have the opportunity to be a camp counselor again. I am really looking forward to serving God through the camp ministry.

Last summer I saw God do some pretty amazing things, but one of my favorite memories was night hike.

I’ve probably written a post about this before, but night hike was intense. I remember during staff training we were told to wear jeans and closed toed shoes and meet at the basketball court at a certain time. That was all we were told about what we were doing.

So I put on my jeans and my closed toed shoes and meet on the basketball court. . . We were just kind of playing around before the night hike, when all of the lights on the court went out.

Literally you couldn’t see anything but the stars. . .

So then they were like “Oh yeah, we’re going to hike through the woods in the dark because that’s fun” And I thought they were crazy, but we hike through the woods in the dark.

The only thing you could see was maybe the person in front of you moving.

After we got to our destination, we all sat down in the bug filled grass and just stopped. It was a really clear night, we even saw a few shooting stars.

Getting to our destination was a little challenging, but when we got there we couldn’t see anything but the stars.

I feel like that’s how it is in life sometimes. You get so busy doing a 100 things you can’t see the amazing things right in front of you, but if you take some time and get away from the business, you can see how beautiful the stars are and how amazing your God is.

Just Living the Dream?


What does it take to follow your dreams? Does it take some kind of college degree? Well maybe maybe not. Well if you want to be a doctor I recommend you get a college education, but in all reality college can’t help you get your dreams. . .that’s up to you.

As a recent college graduate, I have often questioned what my dreams are. I seem to have so many, but here goes nothing. . .it’s just life. Shucks what do I actually know about life or anything. I mean I only have a degree.

So today I ask myself, and you, what does it take to follow your dreams?

Time to Write


So this summer I am doing something crazy. . .I am going to be traveling over 5000 miles at the end of summer. Yeah that’s pretty crazy. I’ve never traveled that far by myself before, but it will be good, because I know what is at the end of those 5000 miles. . .my boyfriend.

Yeah this summer we are on opposite sides of the country. Which is a little challenging, but I think it helps us grow together. Enough though (for now) about my wonderful relationship. . .This post isn’t even about that really. . .this post is about writing.

Ok I am not really a fan of crowded airports, security checks, layovers, stupid airplane crackers, yeah flying isn’t my favorite. . .traveling is though.

I like seeing new places. Places that I have only ever heard about. Places that are actually really cool, and of course seeing my boyfriend.

The trip across the country however is like 13 hours. . .so I’m going to try to do something crazy. So a 26 hour trip there and back. . .That should be enough time to write a book or at least write a decent amount.

So yeah at the end of summer before I go visit my boyfriend, I’m going to create this amazing book plan and write it while I am traveling. (I guess that’s my way of hiding the fact that I hate airports)

SO I will definitely be posting updates about this adventure later on in the summer, but for now. . .WORDS.

My Chains are Gone


Imagine being chained in a prison cell. This might seemed like a hopeless situation, but also imagine having the key to unlock the chains right in the lock.

While it’s true that you are probably not chained in a prison cell today, more than likely you are a prisoner to something, whether it’s fear or anger or your past. The truth is however, you have the key.

You have the key that can set you free, you have the truth of God’s word. No matter what you are a prisoner to, God’s word has the truth that can set you free. It is a choice not to stay in the prison cell, but to actually live in the freedom that God intended for his children to have.

So make the decision today to live FREE in Christ.

5 Ways to Prepare for Church Camp From a Camp Counselor


So this is my second summer serving as a Church camp counselor, and now I better know what to expect.

Here are some ways to prepare for Church Camp from a camp counselor.

Be willing to serve

Camp ministry is WAY more than just getting tan lines and making friendship bracelets with campers. It’s a lot of work. Maybe a lot of work you wouldn’t actually expect. . .(if I could count the number of toilets I unclogged last summer)

Put the campers first

They are there to have a good time. Do what they want to do, (as long as it’s safe), even if that means jumping in the lake for the third time in one day.

Be honest with the campers

Your campers are going to know whether or not you are honest with them. If you open up to them about struggles you are facing or have faced, then they will likely open up to you.

Learn to Value Shower Time

Legit, that’s like the ten minutes a day you get away from campers.

And last but definitely most important,

Put God first

There will definitely be times that you want to quit your job, or times that you don’t think you can make it to Saturday and the truth is you can’t. You have to rely on God for the strength that you don’t have. Start now making God a priority in your life. Your campers will be able to tell whether or not you truly have made God a priority in your life.

So there you have it, 5 ways to prepare for church camp from a camp counselor. . . and here’s a bonus. . .SUN SCREEN.